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Niche Job Board


Build a niche job board that targets a specific location or industry to achieve better conversions.

Traditional recruitment sites have played a significant role in helping companies find candidates for open positions. However, they also come with their own set of challenges. Recruiters often have to shift through a large number of unqualified applications, which can be time-consuming and costly. To address this issue, many recruiters have turned to niche job boards as a more targeted approach to advertise job openings.

Niche job boards, which focus on specific industries or regions, may not have the same level of traffic as traditional recruitment sites, but they tend to attract more qualified and relevant candidates. These candidates often have specialized skills and up-to-date experience in the specific field or location. As a result, postings on niche job boards tend to receive higher quality applications and lead to a lower cost-to-fill for companies.

Utilizing niche job boards can be an effective strategy for recruiters looking to find strong candidates in a more efficient and strategic way.

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Our niche job board has many features and capabilities, but we want to highlight a few that we are particularly proud of.

Niche Job Board
Responsive Job Board

Our job board is optimized for use on computers, tablets, and mobiles, providing users with a seamless experience regardless of how they access the site.

Niche Job Board
Basic & Featured Jobs

Our job board offers recruiters the ability to post both basic and featured job listings, catering to the hiring needs of a diverse range of employers.

Niche Job Board
Intuitive Search & Filters

Our job board offers intuitive search and filters, allowing job seekers to easily find the right job with minimal effort and without any complications.

Niche Job Board
Login with Google/ LinkedIn

Our job board offers candidates the ability to log in using their Gmail, or LinkedIn account, making it convenient and time-efficient for them to apply.

Niche Job Board
Share Jobs on Social Media

Our job board enables users to share job listings on various social media platforms, thus increasing the visibility and reach of the job posting.

Niche Job Board
Banner & Contextual Ads

Our job board provides advertising space for banner and contextual ads with Google AdSense and Facebook Pixel integrartion, increasing the revenue potential.

Niche Job Board
Pro SEO & Schema Integration

Our job board allows for professional level SEO and Micro Schema integration, which enhances search engine indexing, resulting in increased traffic and visibility.

Niche Job Board
Newsletter Integration

Our job board integrates with MailChimp to send newsletters, which helps to increase conversions and keep job seekers informed about new job postings.

Niche Job Board
Payment Integration

Our job board integrates with Stripe to facilitate global payments, providing a fast checkout process and a smooth user experience.

Niche Job Board
Analytics Integration

Our job board integrates with Google Analytics, providing owners with actionable insights that allow them to track and evaluate the performance.

Niche Job Board
Push Notification Integration

Our job board uses OneSignal integration to send push notifications on both browsers and mobile devices, expanding the visibility of job postings.

Niche Job Board
Android App
Niche Job Board
iOs App
Niche Job Board
Resume Builder
Niche Job Board
Crypto Payments

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Common Questions

We have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions here. Feel free to ask other questions.

A job portal is a comprehensive platform that includes a search engine and a variety of features, as well as job listings from various industries. In contrast, a job board typically focuses on a specific niche, such as a particular industry or educational institution, and offers a more limited selection of job listings, but with a more curated approach.

The Job Board set up can be completed in under an hour. The choice is yours to either handle it independently or have us to tailor the Job Board to meet your specific needs.

All revenue generated belongs to you. Our only charge is a flat monthly subscription fee for the software.

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